Help! My Finger Lime Doesn’t Produce Fruit!

It’s almost fresh finger lime time here in the Boutique Citrus orchards on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Right now, we are prepping for what is going to be another massive harvest year for us.

With over 4000 finger lime trees and a fantastic fruit set already sizing up, we are looking to exceed our normal harvest volumes.

Greg has been very busy in the orchards over the winter season – ensuring that tree health is optimised to ensure that finger lime fruit is of premium quality for our loyal clients.

Facts: Boutique Citrus Finger Limes

Did you know that Greg has led the way over the last twenty years in establishing finger lime tree growth, harvest processes, packaging and production techniques? Known across the industry for his exceptionally high standards (and being humble), others growers still continue to seek Greg out for information on finger lime growing tips and extending shelf life processes.

Here are some fast facts about Boutique Citrus finger limes:

  • First commercial grower to ever produce large volumes of finger limes (we harvest in excess of 10 – 15 tonne each year)
  • Our tallest finger lime trees are over 10 ft tall!
  • We have over seven different finger lime varieties
  • Highly advanced growing and harvest techniques for optimum production, flavour, quality and tree health
  • Finger limes require lots of water – we have two massive spring fed dams that allow us to water ‘at will’
  • Our finger limes are constantly sought after by international and domestic markets due to their premium quality
  • We have large volumes of snap frozen finger limes we sell all year round
  • Boutique Citrus specialises in bulk finger lime shipping for food production
  • Bespoke packaging researched and designed for optimum freshness and product integrity

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