Welcome to Boutique Citrus – Australia’s Premier Finger Lime producer.

Situated in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, the Boutique Citrus orchard is nestled against pristine rainforest and vast National Parks. Our family owned property spans over 150 acres with over 8000 trees including finger limes, Tahitian limes, kaffir limes and avocados.

We have been at the forefront of the finger lime industry since we began commercially growing almost twenty years ago. Our success in growing finger limes has led us to develop our own plant breeding program to further develop specific varieties that thrive particularly well on our land.

Our beautiful property has its very own rainforest which is the perfect place for finger limes and where nature truly intended them to grow. This natural environment combined with high rainfalls and an incredible number of both native and honey bees that visit the farm each spring, sees our trees consistently producing vast volumes of quality fruit year after year.

Boutique Citrus has been providing finger limes to the best restaurants and international fruit markets across the globe for many years. From Europe to Canada, Asia and Africa, Boutique Citrus has an established reputation for supplying only the highest standard of fruit which sees our most valued customers return to us each season.

Our Story

Originally a deer farm, Greg Childe-Freeman had always held a keen desire to convert the land into orchards and in the early 1990’s took the first steps and developed the land into a highly successful avocado business.

Although the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is famous for its rich volcanic soil, some areas of the property have clay areas, which is perfect for citrus. With an eye on developing these areas into citrus groves, Greg came across the finger lime while looking to diversify the property with a new crop.

One thousand Rainforest Pearl Finger Limes were planted in 2005 and quickly grew into impressive, healthy trees that loved the clay soil. Excited by the options of so many different Finger Lime types, Greg soon purchased more and found success in the growth and development of over seven varieties; Emerald, Alstonville, Polka Dot, Chartreuse, Pink Ice, Rainforest Diamond, Pink Champagne and the very exciting Black Shiraz.

Greg’s efforts and commitment to seeing this native Australian Fruit become more than just ‘bush tucker’ has resulted in Boutique Citrus finger limes being sold in Michelin Star restaurants worldwide and highly sought after by European, Japanese and Korean markets.

Today, we have over 10000 trees in our orchards. It’s fair to say, we are proud of our work and even prouder of this amazing little native Australian fruit that excites not only us, but people all over the world!