Finger Lime Update

Client Focused Packaging

With the coldest of the almost non existent Queensland winter weather behind us, the finger lime trees in the Boutique Citrus orchard are already bursting with flowers.

This slightly early flowering means that the fresh finger lime season should start around late November, early December. For now, we are busy preparing the orchards to ensure that our upcoming finger lime yields remain as high as it does each year.

We are so proud of our reputation for being the premium finger lime producers in the industry. We have worked hard to achieve this and strive to remain at the forefront of best industry practices in our international export, orchard management, fruit growing and harvesting techniques. We are the only farm capable of large scale premium finger lime production, harvesting well over ten tonne each year.

Our fresh finger limes are packaged in tailor made 1kg boxes that were specifically designed to ensure our finger limes remain as fresh as possible in their travels. Retail ready and gorgeous to look at, our finger limes look stunning in their boxes on shelves in shops across Europe.

Our smaller retail punnets have also been a massive hit in France over the last few seasons. We sold thousands over the fresh season and look forward to making sure the European market will be enjoying our finger limes again very soon.

If you’d like to make an order of our Boutique Citrus Finger Limes, then simply email or phone 0408965175.

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