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Our varieties

Did you know there are over 80 varieties of finger limes out there in the bush of Qld and Northern NSW?

While there are many varieties, some finger limes have more flavour appeal than others which is why there is only a small portion represented in the commercial arena. 

We spent a lot of time researching finger limes when we first began growing. We selected varieties that were not only what our clients wanted, but that were also suited to our environment. 

Each finger lime variety has its own unique growth pattern – some are shrubby and open, others are tall and dense. No matter the variety, they are all very thorny! 

Read on to discover more about our varieties and their unique colours and flavours.

Rainforest Pearl & Pink Ice
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Arguably the most versatile of the varieties, these finger limes are used in both sweet  and savoury dishes. They have a pale pink to vibrant pink caviar and a beautiful deep pink/red skin when ripe. These pretty fruit are perfect for adding that ‘special  something’ to your cocktails, champagne or any dessert.

Sprinkle over fresh oysters or any other fresh seafood for a truly  amazing taste sensation.

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A more savoury finger lime with a lovely pale green to clear pearl, these are an  exquisite tasting fruit. Almost salty in flavour with a slightly sticky texture, the flavours  of this finger lime play on your palate making them moreish and a real  favourite among finger lime lovers.

Adding Chartreuse to your salad, or to a dressing will take your food to a level of sophistication that is sure to start conversations.

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Exciting in colour and flavour, the Emerald has vibrant green caviar encased in a purple/black skin. With its distinct flavour, this finger lime is reminiscent of  the exotic Kaffir lime used in South East Asian cooking. This special fruit is perfect for eating with all kinds of cheese, in dips and with oysters.

Beautiful on the plate and your palate, the Emerald is truly an outstanding member of the finger lime family.

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Just as its name suggests, the Champagne finger lime reflects the golden colour of fine French Champagne. It has pretty golden vesicles and a dark red skin when ripe.

The Champagne finger lime has subtle hints of orange and mandarin and is brilliant added to your favourite glass of bubbles or as a finale to your cocktail, salad or cheese platter. 


Fresh and zingy, the Alstonville deliver a sharp, citrusy burst of flavour. 

With light to mid green vesicles when ripe, they have a vibrant green skin similar to that of a Tahitian lime.

Versatile with sweet and savoury, food, this is an early season fruit that goes with just about anything you like.


As dazzling and sought after as the jewel itself, the Ruby finger lime is fragrant, sweet and subtle in its flavours.

Our personal favourite, the Ruby has a dark red skin and lustrous deep red pearls. 

In addition to its amazing flavour, the colour looks incredible on desserts (pavlova anyone?), cakes, in salads and just as a snack on its own!


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