Boutique Citrus is a customer driven, family business you can rely on for guaranteed freshness and quality Finger Limes, every time...Martin Benn Chef & Patron Sepia Restaurant
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Finger Limes

Rainforest PearlBoutique Citrus is  the world’s largest grower of premium finger limes. Our experience and commitment in producing the finest quality finger limes has seen us establish ourselves as the leading international supplier of this  beautiful and unique fruit.

Finger limes are a delicate and sophisticated native Australian rain forest citrus fruit with zesty, caviar like pearls, sought after by chefs throughout the world. Finger limes are extremely versatile and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. Take a look at our recipes and ideas page for how to use them in food and drinks!

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Boutique Citrus is proud to be the suppliers of Australian Finger Limes to Martin Benn, Chef & Patron of Sepia Restaurant. Martin is an incredibly talented chef whose creativity, hard work and vision resulted in 2015 being a year of awards and recognition – both in Australia and internationally.

Martin has been using Finger Limes for many years now, which feature on his menu when in season.  His food is completely unique – beautiful to look at, delicate and totally delicious! Added to his amazing professionalism, we have found him to be a lovely person to work with.  Boutique Citrus is so very thrilled for the opportunity to work with Martin and to see him being recognised for his amazing work. Here’s what Martin had to say about us:

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Recipes & Ideas

Cheese Platter 2

Finger limes are a brilliant way to spruce up your recipe repertoire. The individual varieties of this wonderful rain forest fruit provide you with deliciously different sweet and savoury flavour sensations that are exciting to look at and eat.

The possibilities are endless with Finger Limes. Read on for some quick and easy food ideas that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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