Where to Buy Australian Finger Limes?

As the largest growers of premium quality Finger Limes in Queensland, Australia and throughout the world, Boutique Citrus always has stock ready for our customers.

The fresh Finger Lime season is quite short, running from January to May. To ensure that we can supply quality native Australian Finger Limes all year round, we freeze a portion of our fresh harvest immediately after sorting.

Boutique Citrus Finger Limes are used throughout the world. From Japan, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and here in Australia, we have built and established long term relationships with our distributors and clients who know that buying from us means getting the highest quality of fresh and frozen Finger Limes availableAustralian Rainforest Pearl Finger Limes.

We have sourced and utilise the most efficient freight forwarders who work closely with us to ensure our clients receive their Finger Limes in the best condition. This, combined with our excellent fruit, unique varieties, stylish branding, tailored packaging and customer commitment is what makes Boutique Citrus Finger Limes the best in the industry.

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