Behind the Fruit…

The man behind Boutique Citrus Finger Limes, Greg Childe-Freeman always had a passion to design and grow a commercial gourmet citrus orchard.

Originally a deer farmer, Greg’s love of animals led him away from livestock and into growing fruit. After twenty years, his success in establishing and running a 4000 plus avocado orchard gave him the confidence and vision to pursue his citrus dream.

Finding the Finger Lime, a new boutique fruit that was also a citrus was the perfect product for Greg and in 2003 he planted his first 1000 Rainforest Pearl Finger Lime trees. Just as exciting, was the discovery of how well citrus was suited to the Bellthorpe environment.

‘The Finger Lime trees just took off and have grown at a tremendous rate,’said Greg. ‘But it’s not just the Finger Lime, it’s all varieties of citrus – they love the soil and the climate.’

With his dream now a reality and Boutique Citrus leading the Finger Lime industry, Greg has continued his success in growing and producing by developing his own plant breeding program. Greg said,’The Finger Lime industry is still relatively new. At Boutique Citrus we are continually working with other industry members to develop new commercially viable varieties of Finger Lime trees and to spread the word about this amazing fruit.’

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