Kaffir Limes

In addition to the incredible Finger Limes we grow here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, we also have other varieties of delicious citrus fruit.

Tahitian Limes, Seedless Lemons and Kaffir (or Kafir) Limes – for their fruit and the leaves.

Along with our Finger Limes, our produce is sold across Queensland, with most of it heading out for export to Europe and Asia.

While almost everyone knows a lemon and a lime, the Finger Lime and the Kaffir Lime are relatively new to the every day consumer. Reality food shows such as Master Chef and MKR have greatly assisted in building awareness but major retailers are slow to pick up.  In saying this, we are so very excited to have our local IGA in Maleny now stocking Boutique Citrus Finger Limes and Kaffir fruit. They are an excellentt retailer with great vision for food trends and  always supportive of local farmers.

The Kaffir Lime fruit is so easy to use. We recommend just popping the whole thing into your favourite curry or other tasty Asian cuisine about fifteen minutes before you serve. It adds an amazing flavour and takes no effort! The zest can also be sprinkled on nuts or other meats as a flavour enhancer – you are really only limited by your imagination.

For those of you wishing to try or buy any of our amazing citrus, please contact us on 07 54965175 or email greg@boutiquecitrus.com.au

We can express post your fruit to you in a range of weights and sizes – contact us today!