Smart Farmer Magazine – Finger Limes


We are firm believers that more people need to learn more about the amazing Finger Lime. After making a few calls a little earlier in the year, we were lucky to receive a visit from Kate Stark, Editor of the fabulous publication Smart Farmer. 

A Finger Lime novice, Kate had yet to experience the thrill of tasting this wonderful native Australian fruit. We never tire of seeing people try our Finger Limes but Kate took it to a whole new level! Her excitement and joy was as natural as the Finger Lime and we were thrilled to be the ones providing the experience.

Her outstanding photos capture our beautiful property and Finger Lime orchards perfectly and show her great eye and professionalism.

We loved having Kate visit and hope to see her again very soon.

Click on the link to read more about Boutique Citrus Finger Limes.

Smart Farmer Article