Pruning Your Finger Lime Tree

We recently had an enquiry from someone wanting to know the best methods for pruning their Finger Lime tree.

Just like other citrus varieties, Finger Limes respond well to pruning. It’s important to keep in mind however, that they are slower growing than other citrus so don’t prune heavily unless there is disease.

When doing your pruning, ensure that you are allowing light to get into the trees – this assists in better flowering and fruit set. It also minimises fruit damage from thorn and leaf rub and allows for easier harvesting. Always use clean secateurs and of course, wear gloves! They are by far the thorniest citrus tree of them all…we recommend rose gauntlets that are easily available from Bunnings.

Regular pruning of dead branches or tips promotes healthier growth of your Finger Lime. Finger Limes are also prone to borers which can result in sudden tree death. In the event that you notice any tip die-back, be sure to prune your affected limbs or branches right back to ensure you’ve removed any of these pests.

The best time to prune your Finger Lime is immediately following harvest – this is generally around April – June. Flowering can take place anywhere from August, so make sure you prune your Finger Lime before then, otherwise you won’t see any fruit come January!