Premium Quality & Export Professionals

Boutique Citrus Finger Limes are known as the best in the industry for a range of reasons. Here’s why:

Quality – our Finger Limes are the highest quality because they are grown in their natural rain forest environment and local to where they were first discovered.

Variety – the only grower worldwide who offers six different Finger Lime varieties in commercial volumes. Each one has a unique flavour and colour to suit different flavours, cuisines and drinks.

Volume – with over 3500 mature trees we service small, medium and bulk orders easily.

Technique– specially developed harvesting and sorting techniques, tailor made packaging and onsite cold rooms and freezing facilities ensure maximum freshness and optimum shelf life.

Export Experts– our industry knowledge spans decades. Professional, efficient and responsive to our customers, we have excellent and long standing relationships with our client base and all other stakeholders.

Reliability – our clients know that we are always reliable. We communicate each step of the way and ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Love – there’s nothing easy about farming Finger Limes! It’s dedication, hard work and an unwavering commitment behind the quality and reputation of Boutique Citrus Finger Limes.