Our orchards

Only an hour’s drive from either Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, Boutique Citrus is located in Bellthorpe – one of the few places in Queensland that provides a moderate temperature all year round.

Our property spans over 150 acres and is home not only to us, but to a myriad of native flora, fauna and of course our beautiful orchards.

Over the last 18 months, we have excitedly watched our latest plantings of seedless lemons, tahitian limes, kaffir limes and various new Finger Lime varieties really start to take off. Citrus and Bellthorpe are a match made in heaven and we are thrilled at the growth rate and health of our new trees.

The seedless lemons have astounded us with an incredible fruit set – the trees aren’t even two years old yet! We estimate that our first lemon harvest will commence late autumn early winter of 2014.

The kaffir and tahitian limes aren’t far behind, with the trees displaying the beginnings of what will be beautiful fragrant citrus throughout the winter months.