Finger Limes – Getting the best out of your fresh or frozen fruit

Finger Limes have a relatively short season – only a few months, which is one of the reasons why they are a niche product. Short season fruit usually has a short shelf life too, however at Boutique Citrus we have refined our picking and packing processes to ensure your fruit stays fresher for longer.

To ensure supply to our clients, we freeze a portion of our harvest as soon as it has been sorted and we recommend our clients freeze their Finger Limes if they might not be able to use them within a week. Using the fruit once it’s been frozen is easy. Simply take as many frozen Finger Limes as you need and pop them in the fridge on a plate with some paper towel underneath. Frozen Finger Limes will ‘bleed’ colour as they thaw – don’t worry about this, however take care not to get the liquid on your clothes as it does stain. It usually only takes about twenty minutes for a frozen Finger Lime to get down to a temperature that makes it easy for you to extract the fruit.

Simply cut the Finger Lime in half and gently squeeze the bubbles out. Serve or use as you would fresh Finger Limes.

Buying frozen Finger Limes is easy. Send us an email – or give Amanda a call on 0407130804.