Finger Limes Need Water!

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Many people ask us why their Finger Lime tree isn’t producing any fruit. More often than not we see them planted in pots, with incredibly dry soil devoid of any nutrients. There’s no way the plant is going to set fruit when it’s simply just trying to stay alive.

Finger Limes especially like a drink and at present, Queensland and a significant part of the East Coast of Australia is in  drought.  Luckily for us, we have two enormous dams that assist us in being able to irrigate our orchards during dry times such as these.

With barely any rainfall happening and the bees and flowers in full growth mode, it’s imperative that we water our Finger Limes. Watering the trees now, means a better fruit set- if we don’t water the Finger Limes, the tiny fruit that is exposed when the blossoms drop will not set into a viable crop.

At present we are watering several times a week – Farmer Greg worked out that he is pumping out just under a Million litres each week! This is a huge amount of water but utterly necessary if we are to ensure that our crops are up to the premium standards that we pride ourselves on and our customers have come to know us for.

Our dams didn’t exist when the property was purchased in the early 90’s. Bellthorpe and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a high rainfall area, but it was Greg’s vision to be able to ‘farm on his terms’ – meaning having water to irrigate his orchards whenever he needed. While we’ve experienced and still face many challenges with wet weather, pests and other environmental factors, creating these dams has provided us with an invaluable resource that ensures we aren’t drought affected.