Finger Lime Vodka and Liqueur

We are thrilled to share these two gorgeous products from Stone Pine Distillery featuring Boutique Citrus Finger Limes. Incredibly popular at the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show in October, we were very excited about trying these two Native Australian spirits but the ever crowded ‘Nip of Courage’ stand had run out of Finger Lime stock! Clearly the word had spread fast about these tasty drinks!

The Vodka is a clean, neutral spirit that allows the Finger Lime to display its wonderfully complex citrus character with no holds barred. Try this in any of your classic vodka cocktails to add a little extra something!

The Liqueur is inspired by Limoncello and marries Stone Pine’s finest vodka with Boutique Citrus Rainforest Pearl Finger Limes and cane sugar to create an Australian Citrus Liqueur with a difference. A citrusy, Finger Lime aroma, with a hint of floral is backed up by Finger Lime marmalade notes on the palate. The fresh, zingy Finger Lime flavour balances the sweetness nicely. Serve chilled over ice.

Visit the Stone Pine Distillery  site to see more of their wonderful Australian products.