Tips for Growing Healthy Finger Lime Trees

Spring Tips for Growing Healthy Finger Lime Trees

It’s spring again and Boutique Citrus’s Finger Lime trees are literally covered in beautiful buds, flowers and the tiny burgeoning of new season fruit.

For those keen home gardeners wanting their flowers to convert to Finger Limes, there are a few simple things you need to do to successfully grow your Finger Lime Tree..

Watering & Fertilising Finger Limes

Keep your soil/planting mixture moist – if it dries out the tree will ‘drop’ any fruit that has set.

Lightly feed your Finger Lime tree with an all purpose flower/fruit fertiliser (NPK blend) that has a high Potassium (K) rating. Ideally, your fertiliser should contain trace elements of Zinc which all citrus desperately need after the cold months. Zince also helps combat any winter yellowing of the leaves.

Finger Limes only need about one quarter of the amount you would normally give a standard citrus tree. Always better to use less fertiliser – too much will burn them and it’s easy enough to go back and feed them again.

We love hearing about your trees and are happy to provide advice if you have any questions about Finger Limes or citrus in general. Simply send a message from our contact page or email me