The Challenge of Exporting Finger Limes

It was exciting news when the Australian government announced free trade agreements with a range of countries across the globe – especially Asia.

We were hopeful that this new legislation would assist us in being able to export the amazing Finger Lime to more places internationally, but one year on and it’s clear that nothing has changed.

It seems like the Australian government is simply not interested in showcasing this incredible fruit to the world.

We continue to be bound by legislation that restricts our ability to export to countries simply because the Finger Lime is categorised the same as other citrus. While it is true thatĀ Finger Limes are a native citrus – they are not a hybridised version of an existing, established citrus. They are unique to Australia and inĀ themselves and should be classified as such.

Why, when so many international chefs and restaurants are clamoring to buy Finger Limes, would the Australian government not do everything in its power to facilitate the growth and expansion of this high end fruit within its own country? Due to this short sightedness , we now see the US, Thailand, Spain, Italy and South Africa all growing their own Finger Lime trees, thus diluting the power and brand of the ‘Australian Native Finger Lime’.