Finger Limes All Year Round!

Enjoy our premium quality Finger Limes all year round! When we aren’t harvesting our beautiful fresh fruit, Boutique Citrus always have frozen stock of wonderful Finger Lime colours and flavours. Available in handy retail, small sizes or in bulk, contact us to buy the the very best in Finger Limes now!

Finger Limes are a gourmet product that everyone can easily enjoy. At Boutique Citrus, we have specially selected and grown a total of seven different Finger Lime varieties that we know you’ll love.

Rainforest Pearl  
Arguably the most versatile of the varieties, these Finger Limes are used in both sweet and savoury dishes. They have a pale pink to vibrant pink caviar and a beautiful deep pink to red skin when ripe. These pretty fruit are perfect for adding that ‘special something’ to your cocktails, champagne or any dessert. For an amazing taste sensation, sprinkle over fresh oysters and any other seafood that you love to enjoy.

Pink Ice
At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the Pink Ice Finger Lime for its cousin the Rainforest Pearl. However, the Pink Ice citrus caviar is more subtle in its flavour base. With pale, icy pink pearls, this Finger Lime has a sweet flavour and is lower in acid than the others.

A more savoury Finger Lime with a lovely pale green to yellow pearls, these are an exquisitely flavoured fruit. Almost salty in flavour with a slightly sticky texture, the flavours of this Finger Lime invitingly play on your palate making them moreish and a real favourite among Finger Lime lovers. Adding Chartreuse citrus caviar to your salad, or to a dressing takes the food to a level of sophistication that is sure to start conversations.

Exciting in colour and flavour, the Emerald Finger Lime has vibrant green caviar encased in a lustrous purple/black skin. With its distinct flavour, this variety of citrus caviar is reminiscent of the exotic Kaffir lime used in South East Asian cooking. This special fruit is perfect for eating with all kinds of cheese, is an incredible ingredient in dips and takes fresh oysters to a whole new level. Beautiful on the plate, even better on the palate, the Emerald truly is an outstanding member of the Finger Lime family.

Polka Dot
The voluptuous lady of the Finger Lime family. The Polka Dot is a larger Finger Lime with a somewhat rough, pocked looking skin. Inside is what counts and its pretty pink and clear pearls are significantly bigger than the others. This Finger Lime is fabulously zesty and is best served with sweets to counter its extreme acidity. Try mixing them in with slightly softened ice cream as an easy way of dressing up a simple dessert or add them to your cheesecake for an amazing result!

Rainforest Diamond
Long and lean with chocolate coloured skin, these Finger Limes have a more traditional citrus flavour. Their clear to pale green pearls taste wonderfully sweet with a beautiful lemon undertone.