Citrus Caviar

Finger Limes are one of the most exciting foods thrilling the palates of the world’s best known chefs and discerning diners of Europe’s finest restaurants.

Native to Australia, the Finger Lime is spectacular in its colours and flavours. Often referred to as ‘Citrus Caviar’ because of the tiny coloured pearls inside the finger shaped fruit, the Finger Lime is unlike any other citrus. The Finger Lime has over 40 different varieties – each with their own unique tastes and textures and a visual appeal that is second to none. Colours of the pearls can range from clear to pale icy pink, hot pink, red, bright yellow, pale green, iridescent green and the pretty polka dot variety.

This stunning caviar comes from the Rainforest Pearl Finger Lime and is the perfect accessory for your latest food creation.