Boutique Citrus

Boutique Citrus Finger Limes is Australia’s Premier Finger Lime producer.

One of the largest and most established growers of Finger Limes in the world, we are situated in the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland. Nestled against pristine rain forest and vast National Parks, Boutique Citrus spans over 150 acres with over 5000 citrus trees that include; Finger Limes, Tahitian Limes, Seedless Lemons and Kaffir Limes.

Boutique Citrus has been providing Finger Limes to the best restaurants across the globe for many years. From Europe to Canada, Asia and Africa, Boutique Citrus is renown for its beautiful fruit. Our total commitment to supplying only premium quality Finger Limes with the very best flavour and colour is the reason our customers return to us each season.

We are deeply committed to our Finger Lime and citrus orchards. From the development and maintenance of the trees, to the best harvesting and storage techniques, we are dedicated to growing, not just the Finger Lime, but a world wide awareness of this incredible native Australian rain forest fruit.

We are also Global G.A.P. Certified which means our fruit and farm processes pass the most stringent tests each year. This certification is the key that allows us to export our Finger Limes internationally and what sets us apart from other suppliers.

Our excellent reputation for customer service and quality Finger Limes sees us continuing long term relationships with a range of valued clients.

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