Finger Limes

Rainforest PearlBoutique Citrus is  the world’s largest grower of premium finger limes. Our experience and commitment in producing the finest quality finger limes has seen us establish ourselves as the leading international supplier of this  beautiful and unique fruit.

Finger limes are a delicate and sophisticated native Australian rain forest citrus fruit with zesty, caviar like pearls, sought after by chefs throughout the world. Finger limes are extremely versatile and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. Take a look at our recipes and ideas page for how to use them in food and drinks!

Rainforest Pearl & Pink Ice Finger Limes

Finger Limes Australia - Boutique Citrus

Arguably the most versatile of the varieties, these Finger Limes are used in both sweet  and savoury dishes. They have a pale pink to vibrant pink caviar and a beautiful deep  pink to red skin when ripe. These pretty fruit are perfect for adding that ‘special  something’ to your cocktails, champagne or any dessert.

Sprinkle over fresh oysters or any other fresh seafood that you enjoy eating for a truly  amazing taste sensation.


Chartreuse Finger Limes

Finger Limes Australia - Boutique Citrus

A more savoury finger lime with a lovely pale green to clear pearl, these are an  exquisite tasting fruit. Almost salty in flavour with a slightly sticky texture, the flavours  of this Finger Lime invitingly play on your palate making them moreish and a real  favourite among finger lime lovers.

Adding Chartreuse to your salad, or to a dressing will take your food to a level of sophistication that is sure to start conversations.


Emerald Finger Limes

Finger Limes Australia - Boutique Citrus

Exciting in colour and flavour, the Emerald has vibrant green caviar encased in a  lustrous purple/black skin. With its distinct flavour, this finger lime is reminiscent of  the exotic Kaffir lime used in South East Asian cooking. This special fruit is perfect for  eating with all kinds of cheese, a great ingredient in dips and takes fresh oysters to a whole new level. Beautiful on the plate, even better on your palate, the Emerald truly is  an outstanding member of the Finger Lime family.


Polka Dot Finger Limes

Finger Limes Australia - Boutique Citrus

The voluptuous lady of the Finger Lime family, the Polka Dot is a large Finger Lime  with pretty pink and clear pearls. The caviar from this fruit is significantly bigger than  the others, fabulously zesty and is best served with sweets. Try mixing them into slightly  softened ice cream as an easy way of dressing up a simple dessert or add them to your  cheesecake for an amazing result!


 Rainforest Diamond Finger Limes

Finger Limes Australia - Boutique Citrus

Long and lean with chocolate coloured and slightly wrinkled skin, these Finger Limes have a more traditional  citrus flavour. Their clear to pale green pearls taste wonderfully sweet with a beautiful  lemon undertone. These can be used in anything you like – we prefer to break them in  half and add them to an icy cold beer after a hard day in the orchard.


History & Finger Lime Facts 

The story of the finger lime is a little mythical, with many people purporting they were the ones to ‘discover’ the amazing Australian native citrus fruit. In reality, the fruit has long been used by local indigenous tribes but only been in the commercial growing arena for approximately seventeenyears. Finger Lime trees are extremely thorny and range in height from 3 – 10 meters depending on the variety, soil and location of planting.

An Australian rain forest plant only found in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Finger Lime trees also do well in full sun and prefer well drained soils with a pH of 5 – 6.5.

A light  NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium) fertiliser is recommended prior to flower development and again once the fruit has set and greater than 2cm long. Finger Lime trees require regular watering, especially throughout their growing season –  lack of water will lead to fruit drop or dwarfed, dry fruit.

We regularly prune all our citrus trees to keep them in optimum health, however the Finger Lime’s respond extremely well to regular pruning following harvest periods. This constant vigilance assists in preventing limb die back, disease, the onset of pests and other disorders. Finger Limes are extremely good for you. They are rich in Vitamin C, folate, potassium and antioxidants. Another great plus – kids love them!